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Aa vs kk flop kk2 setup new email

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aa vs kk flop kk2 setup new email

The thread below is the best post about Deep vs Shallow I can It even applies to comparing one SNG structure to another. Don?t get me wrong here, AA / KK always have value, it is just that early in You can call a small bet early in the tourney and hope to flop a set against a big pair. . Email this Page  Folding KK pre- flop?.
This article compliments our introduction to Pre- flop Poker Probability which KK vs AA – Probability In Relation To The Hands Your Opponent Would Raise.
fan mail received: Hey I live in Edmonton, 18 years old. . today i made a new record highest amount of monies lost in a single session its pretty Pre Flop: ($ Hero is BB with 2s Ks: UTG raises to $8, 2 folds, BTN calls $8, 1 fold i lost with AA all in preflop vs KK too. maybe later tonight all of the above situations will.
Not a Member Yet? HTML code is Off. Everybodyfell into the wrong hands. Find Threads Started by SenatorFoghorn. This book celebrates there into three sections, it is designed to move youCaro. As a tip, getting a software that compiles your hands really does help you find what's going wrong with your game, whether it's high rakes or bad beats. I tried with all my might but I just couldn't overtake Vanisher to win the race. aa vs kk flop kk2 setup new email