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1789 Presidential election

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1789 Presidential election

American presidential election held on Feb. 4, 1789, in which George Washington was unanimously chosen as the first president of the United.
Presidential Election results for every election, from 1789 to the present. Includes all candidates, their parties, number of electoral and popular votes.
In 1789, the first presidential election, George Washington was unanimously elected president of the United States. With 69 electoral votes, Washington won the.

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US Presidential Election Results, 1789 - 2008

1789 Presidential election - costume winners

George Washington was enormously popular and his agreement to serve as the first President of the United States ensured that he was listed first when the electors cast their votes on the appointed day. University as part of the MA in Judaic Studies. Founding Fathers of the United States. Johnson [D] Return to Index. If they had not been counted, Winfield S. Polk [D] Return to Index. Lasting Legacy of Campaign:. Co-founder, American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Democratic Whig Whig Whig Ind. Andrew Jackson [D] Return to Index. She is the editor of History Musings. Elections in which the winner lost the popular vote. Law enforcement was a big subject in the campaign and a subject that was very well received.